New app joins Signal and Telegram league allowing crypto payments

Messaging applications are often used for online communication. However, things have gradually advanced to the point where such applications include several integrations. The latest trend is the integration of online payments. TokLok, for example, is a decentralized, crypto-native messaging platform providing a safe and easy online communication service.

What is TokLok?

A blockchain-based messenger, TokLok is developed for completely confidential communication among individuals and businesses. The platform’s native crypto $TOL token fuels the app’s ecosystem. It can be used to get a lifetime subscription to the application. Also, holding and buying $TOL tokens will allow users to contribute to the app’s quick development and feature upgrades.

Why including a crypto payment option is beneficial?

Including crypto for global payments makes TokLok’s flagship messenger highly enticing. Its in-built payment method has many advantages, including cheaper and quick transactions. After all, cryptocurrency transactions safeguard the privacy and autonomy of the user while the underlying blockchain guarantees tamper-proof data storage and transfer.

Is there any entry fee to use the app?

Users can use the token to make encrypted payments effortlessly while chatting. However, the messenger has a small entry fee since users gain access to the app by buying $TOL for sale on the official website of the project.

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