Seracle, the blockchain platform launches Web3 NFT

Seracle, the blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform has declared the launch of Web 3.0 NFT (non-fungible token) infrastructure for cooperates and brands across sectors to aid them in developing their customized NFT marketplaces.

For whom the infrastructure is suitable?

In a press release, the firm announced that the infrastructure is ideal for brands and firms in sectors like e-commerce, entertainment, social media, gaming, sports, fashion, augmented reality, arts, and virtual reality.

What does Seracle offer?

Seracle provides end-to-end NFT marketplace solutions like product operations, development, and marketing. The NFT infrastructure solution has no geographic limitations and can create a platform with ideal payment solutions like crypto or fiat according to the needs of the client.

How can Seracle’s NFT infrastructure help?

Additionally, with Seracle’s NFT infrastructure, a marketplace can be introduced with 100% branding and customization at 80% decreased cost in only 2 weeks. Firms also don’t need to recruit any engineering resources to manage the platform.

What does the CEO of Seracel has to say about the NFT space?

According to CEO and co-founder of Seracle, Shrikant Bhalerao, the NFT space is an excellent means for brands to reach out to their target audience between the ages of 18 and 35. It also offers the brand an edge over its competitors by being a part of the potential space that is already shattering traditional marketing.

What does NFT infrastructure is intended for?

Their NFT infrastructure launch is developed to aid brands to enter the space seamlessly. Seracle Web 3.0 infrastructure is created to offer a 100% cost-effective, customizable, rapid, and robust platform for brands who like being ahead of time.   

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