‘Blockchain Wedding or Metaverse Wedding Reception’: Have you heard about them?

Weddings are indeed special occasions. A Tamil couple made it even more special by holding a ‘blockchain wedding’. Belonging from Pune, Shruti Nair and Anil Narasipuram have just conducted their wedding via blockchain. The duo decided to conduct their wedding reception digitally in the metaverse. In a Twitter thread, the couple said they had a ‘Registered Marriage’ in a courthouse because of the pandemic on November 15, 2021. Soon after the registered wedding, they had made their marriage ‘blockchain official’ to display their togetherness digitally. The digital priest, Anoop Pakki, officiated their marriage as the duo exchanged their vows while seated in front of the laptops. Anil Narasipuram wrote on LinkedIn that he made their wedding ‘blockchain official’ with an Ethereum smart contract that dedicated their commitment to each other in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) minted on OpenSea.

The couple went on to create an NFT of a picture of the engagement ring, with their marriage vows written on the photo. According to the post, the duo has had set up a Metamask wallet and the digital priest Anoop Pakki minted the NFT on OpenSea and transferred it to the duo. According to the post, some close friends and family had joined the Google Meet. The groom had transferred the NFT to his spouse’s digital wallet.

The vows of the duo read that they won’t make any big promise but they will do everything they can to make that work. Through all their conflict and disagreement, they hope to grow their understanding of each other and themselves. They don’t anticipate being entire village for each other, but they will be by each other’s side, hand in hand, walking through that adventure together.

In an another incident, On February 6, Potterhead’s Janganandhini Ramaswamy and Dinesh SP conducted their Hogwarts-themed Metaverse wedding reception. The couple managed to have the bride’s late father bless them as well.

After their traditional humble wedding in Tamil Nadu’s Sivalingapuram, they were joined by around 6,000 guests from worldwide in their virtual reception ceremony. It has been termed as the first Metaverse wedding reception in Asia. In an interview, Dinesh said everything went well and guests were happy. For the event, Ramaswamy and Dinesh’s avatars were adorned in traditional attire.

He added that as they were in a hill station within a forest, there was no proper network connection and they faced difficulty because of the same. However, the event went well. Guests from all over the world, including Australia and Germany, attended the ceremony. Their food partners Local from Chennai guaranteed food delivery at their guest’s houses. The occasion was sponsored by CoinSwitch firm and they are thankful to the company.

Last year in April, the bride’s father passed away. So, Dinesh planned to have his virtual avatar at the reception. A project associate at IIT-Madras, Dinesh added that the avatar of Ramaswamy’s late father wished everyone and made the eve special. Videos and pics of the occasion are going viral on social media.


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