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Dilli is the founder of nVipani Technology Solutions and has launched a very promising product called ShopConnect (www.shopconnect.live). This is his second startup - prior to this, he co-founded Athena Security Inc, acquired by SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) in 2012.At ShopConnect, Dilli has been successful in bringing the product from the idea to the market fitment stage by bootstrapping and raising USD 1.4 million as seed money. ShopConnect is a smart, AR/VR based integrated video shopping platform for interactive e-commerce, and AI-powered sales promotion solutions to attract, connect and convert customers enabling higher sales growth and improved customer experience and loyalty. ShopConnect has paying customers in both India and the USA.

Shopconnect, Software, consulting, video connect, virtual store, lookbooks
Dilli Nandarapu
Bangalore, Europe, USA
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