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Smazee is a unique partnership between creativity and technology We are all about bringing great ideas to life. Smazee has signed contracts with 150+ clients for supporting their innovative ideas and has continued being an hub for transforming ideas to real-life products.At Smazee we build Android, iOS and Web apps rapidly and on a budget using Flutter, the fastest growing cross-platform app development SDK, made by Google. We work towards developing functionally rich, visually beautiful, and highly scalable cross-platform apps

Dev labs, Design studio, Growing Ideas to Products, Technology Management , Creativity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Bots, Machine Learning, Assitants, Application Development, Life like Designs, Product Workflow Ideator, Packaging the Technology, Blockchain, Hyperledger, Design, AI, Web Development, UI, UX, User Experience, Training, Innovation, Hardware, and Web Design
Aadharsh Kannan, Pravin Kumar
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