Google Cloud Is The “Layer Zero” For Crypto, says Strategist

The Head of Strategy at Google, Richard Widmann, has called Google Cloud the Layer Zero for Web3. He said this at the Mainnet 2022 crypto-summit in Newyork City which had in attendance crypto-leaders, developers, builders and investors. Widdman hinted that Google’s ideological leaning is related to Crypto’s core values of open-source development and decentralization.  While…

Blockchain innovations

Indian cryptocurrency project bags ‘world’s fastest blockchain’ accolade

The relatively young high-performance blockchain network, TechPay Coin, wins the ‘world’s fastest blockchain’ award. TechPay Coin’s network achieved past remarkable throughput levels of 300,000+ TPS besides an absolute minimum of 500 milliseconds transaction Time-to-Finality. The group of TechPay Coin received the award at Crypto Expo Asia 2022 held in Singapore between June 22 and 23,…