Ethereum blockchain

Starknet’s $20 Billion Airdrop Surge Sparks Controversy Amidst Airdrop Squatting Accusations

Despite controversies, the fully diluted market cap of Ethereum’s much-anticipated layer-2 solution, Starknet, has surpassed $20 billion due to high demand from the airdrop. On February 20, the developers of Starknet decided to distribute around 700 million STRK tokens out of a total of 10 billion to various entities. Within the first 90 minutes of…

Bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin Mining Landscape: Navigating Record Highs in Difficulty and Hash Rate Amidst Anticipated Halving in 2024

The Bitcoin mining difficulty level has recently surpassed 80 trillion. The mining difficulty level is an estimate of the difficulty of solving the cryptography level in the mining process. The hash rate of the Bitcoin network, which is a measure of the total computational power used by miners, has recently reached 562.81 exahashes per second…


Ethiopia’s Bitcoin Mining Venture Sparks Controversy with Hong Kong Data Centre Partnership

There’s new speculation going around the collaboration between the Hong Kong data centre and the Ethiopian government. This collaboration is taking a turn towards Bitcoin mining and other related activities. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Data Centre Service, a Hong Kong West data subsidiary and Ethiopian Investment Holdings. Ethiopia and West Data…