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MoneyGram starts accepting crypto for US payments

The P2P payment app MoneyGram has begun accepting cryptocurrency for payment and trading in the US. The app will let users transfer bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The company had earlier been involved in a deal with Ripple that was subsequently quashed. MoneyGram’s announcement on Twitter: MoneyGram announces the launch of a new service enabling consumers…


Ethereum staking: current status and yields

The Merge on September 15 has been rather a damp squid, though not much was expected either. Staking is now the official way to run validator nodes and earn rewards. How much rewards can stakers expect to earn? What determines how much yield to expect? The following answers these and other questions. Some major Ethereum…


A beginner’s guide to buy ethereum

Ether is a second most well-known and popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. And if you intend to buy this cryptocurrency, you undoubtedly have the question of how to buy Ethereum. Ethereum is a digital asset and an open-source blockchain that anybody can use to create custom applications. Networks make it possible for anybody to build decentralized…

Cryptocurrency market

May 4: Why is Ethereum rising?

For those wondering, ‘Why is ether or ETH rising?’, here are some clues. Called by someone as the ‘oil of crypto’, Ethereum today crossed the $3400 mark. Only sometime back it was valued ten times less. The recent rise has left many people puzzled. There is obviously more demand for ETH, whose London fork will…