Bitcoin ETFs – The Basics Explained

Unlocking the potential of cryptocurrency investments, Bitcoin ETFs have recently catapulted the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to new highs. First and foremost, what are ETFs? ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. Simply put, An ETF is like a stock that pools investments and can be easily bought and sold. ETFs are like mutual…


A beginner’s guide to buy ethereum

Ether is a second most well-known and popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. And if you intend to buy this cryptocurrency, you undoubtedly have the question of how to buy Ethereum. Ethereum is a digital asset and an open-source blockchain that anybody can use to create custom applications. Networks make it possible for anybody to build decentralized…

Tax on crypto

India – the 30% tax is too much

The crypto space like other derivatives markets is faced with volatility. Great development has been made as regard decentralized finance (Defi); crypto savvy individuals can earn passively. With massive trends on cross-chain transactions, liquidity mining, governance token, integration of traditional finance (TradFi) into Defi, among others, the crypto space shows more reason while banning isn’t…