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Dogecoin’s Rollercoaster: Navigating Price Hurdles, Elon Musk’s Testimony, and Regulatory Uncertainties

While Bitcoin is witnessing its breakthrough point after a gap of two years, Dogecoin has experienced a substantial drop of 4.5%. The massive drop is seen after Elon Musk’s urgency to testify once more for the complete acquisition of Twitter. DOGE’s price is highly influenced by Musk, making it vulnerable to his social media speculations. The price…

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US SEC invites public opinion on DeFi exchanges, LSE enters bitcoin futures and options

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has invited public feedback on what counts as an ”exchange” in the light of DeFi crypto platforms performing similar trades as a stock exchange. The SEC considers decentralized platforms as similar to an exchange, and thus aims to extend its regulatory framework to DeFi services. There are several ways…