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Cryptocurrency for travelers could be a game changer

One of the most interesting applications of cryptocurrencies will be decentralizing the travel domain. Imagine you can pay anyone, anywhere in the same currency! This again derives from the cross-border, universal nature of cryptocurrencies, doing away with all of the foreign exchange hassles. A young lady recently made news for her newfound ambition — tour the world…


The Remittance Market — A Golden Use Case for Crypto

Currently dominated by countries like Mexico, China and India, the remittance market — workers sending money back home — is worth over $500 billion a year, and today, crypto transfers constitute around 15% of all transactions. Venezuel, which has shot its economy in the foot, has just announced a welcome news — its very own crypto remittance platform — Patria Remesa — is now live….


Bitcoin millionaires, Metal and Funding Necessities

Everyone has heard of or remembers reading about some teenager who became a millionaire post the 2017 Bitcoin tsunami. How many millionaires, or more accurately, BTC addresses with over a million dollars currently exist? Given the sharp fluctuations in BTC prices — this year alone has seen a 200% rise in price — the worth of these addresses is…


How musical can blockchain get?

Pic: Ujo aims to automate royalty payments Music is great, everyone loves it, but what about the music industry? That’s a bad name to take, and rarely would it get a positive response. The biggest issue here is money, royalties, cuts and commissions, followed by lack of opportunities for newcomers to make it big. The word…

bitcoin crime

Bitcoin and crime: Made for each other?

source: bitcoinwiki The very features with which Bitcoin was created, a currency not dependent on the mainstream institutions by being unregulated, anonymous and secure, have also made it a star attraction for illegal activities, especially on what is called the “dark web”. This is the underbelly of the internet that is scary and fearsome, and…