india vaccine blockchain certificate
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Covid /Omicron testing and vaccination goes to Blockchain

The Maharashtra government has been using blockchain technology to issue and allow verification of reports with negative results for Covid-19….

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NFTs Lure Indian Entrepreneurs, Artists find New Tech Avenue to Sell

Very few today understand what NFTs or how they work, but this free market for digital art and collectibles has…

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Mark Cuban Buys Indian blockchain startup Polygon

Famous investor Mark Cuban has bought the Indian startup Polygon, a solution built on Ethereum layer 2. Describing himself as…

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Ethiopia to build Digital IDs for students, and the bitcoin energy facts

Open-source software attracts everyone, even commercial organizations, and especially the education sector as it is free and can be customized….

china BSN network
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A peek into China’s National BSN service which will host its official coin

China is putting its back behind the blockchain world by building an exclusive, country-wide network. Called the Blockchain-based Service Network…

korea crypto free
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Korea’s Medium offers free enterprise blockchain to global businesses

Medium (not to be confused with the blogging platform) has come out with a free enterprise-grade blockchain offering, where global…

crypto market today
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What’s happening in the crypto space today?

The continuation of the bull run with Ethereum, XRP, EOS and BCH is likely to make the average investor wonder…

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What’s an NFT, Crypto Punk and Crypto Kitties: Part 2

The NFT revolution has created a new marketplace for digital art to be bought and sold. The history of NFT…

pay me in bitcoin
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Crypto rally creates ‘Pay Me in Bitcoin’ movement

First off, why would anyone pay in a currency that promises to double its value in the very next month,…

High ether gas price
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May 4: Why is Ethereum rising?

For those wondering, ‘Why is ether or ETH rising?’, here are some clues. Called by someone as the ‘oil of…