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Why is Argentina increasingly adopting cryptos? 

Cryptocurrency has evolved in frontier markets such as Argentina, where an unsteady financial system and decisive government intervention in the country’s economy have pushed many Argentines toward decentralized cryptocurrency.   The country’s national currency, the peso, is already highly volatile and subject to a raft of financial controls. As a result, the currency is increasingly demanding…

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WEB 3.0 – Features, promises and critics

The birth of the internet can be traced down to Berners-Lee, a computer scientist at European researcher CERN. He was able to lay down the foundation of the web with three fundamental technologies and the first web page editor/browser was introduced – (“”): HTML: HyperText Markup Language, the markup or formatting language of the Web;…

crypto adoption world
Crypto Coins & Tokens

Decentralized exchange for BTC, BNB’s Future and VISA buys Cryptopunk 7610

Twitter CEO pushes for open, decentralized exchange for BTC High volatility has been a major concern for traders and investors in the crypto space. Despite the fluctuation in prices, especially Bitcoin(BTC) price; the need to adopt cryptocurrency hasn’t reduced with institutions pooling up funds in order not to be left behind in the space and…

Crypto Coins & Tokens

Ethiopia to build Digital IDs for students, and the bitcoin energy facts

Open-source software attracts everyone, even commercial organizations, and especially the education sector as it is free and can be customized. If such as software or app was also democratic, meaning in the hands of the users rather than central management, and allowed peer-to-peer interactions, then its value increases multi-fold. All of these features are found…