Blockchain in banking and finance

Web3 Entrepreneurs in Ghana And Zimbabwe Show Crypto’s Social Good

Speculative investments and cryptocurrency crashes are occasionally associated with blockchains. Some start-ups are attempting to implement Web3 use cases in Africa, such as getting unbanked individuals online and into a more centralized financial system. According to data from the Swiss Crypto Valley Venture Capital, or CV VC, while funding for African blockchain businesses raised $127…


What are Web3 Crypto: A Guide

A new generation of coins called Web3 crypto aims to realize Web3’s decentralized utopia. In order to give consumers ownership over their data and enable transactions without the use of intermediaries, they mix blockchain technology with smart contracts. What Exactly Is Web3? The third generation of the internet is often referred to as Web3. By…

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WEB 3.0 – Features, promises and critics

The birth of the internet can be traced down to Berners-Lee, a computer scientist at European researcher CERN. He was able to lay down the foundation of the web with three fundamental technologies and the first web page editor/browser was introduced – (“”): HTML: HyperText Markup Language, the markup or formatting language of the Web;…