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Why Bill Miller Puts Half of His Wealth Into Bitcoin & Altcoin?

Heavy Investor Bill Miller says that cryptocurrencies other than BTC will not give him high returns as Bitcoin is going to give… Why?

Crypto bill restrained from the Parliament

According to reports, India’s hot topic crypto bill, which suggests strict regulations be imposed in the cryptocurrency sector, is not…

A high-level meeting chaired by PM Narendra Modi over crypto and related issues

According to reports, PM Narendra Modi conducted a pivotal meeting on the way forward for crypto and related issues today….

Government denies any data on active crypto users or exchanges

In a reply to a query asked by former Bihar deputy CM and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi, Nirmala…

Hacker group Anonymous warning to Elon Musk

Tesla Boss and Space X CEO, Elon Musk is popular for creating ripples in the global cryptocurrency market with his…


Cryptocurrency market cap at record $2 trillion, Bitcoin share over half

Yesterday, the cryptocurrency market capitalization surged to an all-time peak of $2 trillion. The crypto market cap was at $2.02…

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Cryptocurrencies: Should We Use Them or Not?

Just like the two sides of the same coin, cryptocurrency has its advantages and disadvantages. The debate on its usage…