ETH 2.0 is anticipated to be introduced in Q3 2022

If all goes well, it is expected that Ethereum 2.0 will be implemented in 3 stages over at least 3…

Ethereum records negative supply distribution for the first consecutive week

Ethereum is planning to take progressive steps towards being fully inflationary after it noticed seven consecutive days of negative disbursement….

Ethereum 2.0 to go through tech changes making it more environment-friendly

It is now a well-known fact that cryptocurrencies ni consume a lot of energy. But, Ethereum 2.0 is ready to…

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Which cryptocurrencies are more sustainable than Bitcoin?

Citing long-brewing environmental concerns Elon Musk announced that Tesla Inc. will not be accepting bitcoin for the car purchase. Btc’s…

High ether gas price
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Explained: High Ether Gas Fee and the Solution

The tremendous rise in Ether price has led to transaction gas prices becoming unaffordable for small Eth transfers. This beats…

High ether gas price
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Ethereum 2.0 – A real competitor to Bitcoin

Call it Eth2, Serenity or Ethereum 2.0, this is the long-anticipated upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain. Intended to boost the…

crypto news weekly analysis
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This Week in Crypto (March 7-13)

The latest cryptocurrency news and analysis from the week gone by. The world global reserve asset to hedge against inflation,…