Blockchain Life 2023 to be held in February in Dubai

“One phrase or acquaintance at the Forum can change your life completely,” says the announcement for the 10th Global Forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining, Blockchain Life 2023, to be held on February 27 – 28 in Dubai.

The Forum is created for industry professionals and those who are taking their first steps. The event will see panel discussions on a wide range of topics related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, mining and startups. The expected volume is 4,000 attendees set to visit 100 booths.

For blockchain industry, the event will address topics including:

  • Implementation of blockchain technology in international business
  • Blockchain and government: taxpayer’s dream?
  • Types of blockchain platforms and their application features
  • Risks and limitations of blockchain technologies
  • Tokenization in real estate
  • Blockchain in the banking sector

For the cryptocurrency industry, the topics include –

  • What are Tier1 crypto funds investing in for 2023?
  • Which ones to choose for investments in the nearest future before they go to the moon
  • Bitcoin cycles. What’s next?
  • Trading and investment
  • Advices, tools, and recommendations from leading traders and analysts from top funds
  • Institutional investors’ impact on the crypto industry
  • Crypto industry legalisation. World practice in 2023
  • Futures contracts, options and margin trading on top exchanges

For the mining industry, topic include:

  • Investing in mining as an alternative to investing in tokens
  • Equipment placement: the best countries and regions
  • Best manufacturers of mining equipment in 2023
  • Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake and other consensus algorithms
  • Future of mining till 2030
  • What to expect in the nearest future?

For startups, the event speakers and attendees will address topics including –

  • Tokensales: how to invest, first steps
  • Key features of successful crypto startups
  • Global Move-to-earn trend: case analysis
  • How can a startup attract funds and private investors?
  • Legal aspects of the fees
  • How to create a successful crypto fund
  • What to start with?
  • How to place your token on the exchange and manage its value?
  • Project marketing in 2023
  • Which factors affect funding?

The forum is attended by key industry players, government representatives, heads of international companies and funds, investors, promising startups teams and beginners.

What to expect?

Networking with 4000 attendees from all around the world and meeting  business executives from top companies in the industry. Exhibition area with 100 booths of digital companies. Speeches by world-leading experts in the conference hall. The greatest AfterParty on the luxury yacht “LOTUS”

Participants will find promising startups to invest in, meet new business partners and learn about all the relevant ways to make money with cryptocurrencies from industry leaders. The event program also includes a discussion about profiting on the latest trends: the metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, P2P trading, cryptocurrency arbitrage and more.


Beginners in cryptocurrencies will be able to take their first step in the industry, while professionals will significantly expand their network of business contacts and find new business partners. Blockchain Life is a universal platform for development in the industry of cryptocurrencies.

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