Healthbook app


Rate and record health parameters. Analyze trends. Use the personal health diary to record updates.

healthbook app

Why HealthBook App?

Record daily health factors

Tap and take note of duration of sleep, time spent in front of monitors, work pressure, time spent with family or number of cigarettes and drinks.

Monitor with charts

The daily recordings of factors like sleep, smoking or outdoor time gets plotted on line charts. See monthly trends and patterns.

Take note of symptoms

A unique health diary for taking instant notes.
The diary includes:
- Quick, editable labels
- Camera access
- Video messages
- Speech to text
- Recorded voice messages
- Pedometer

Set up personal tracker

Users can set up their own personal tracker and create range of values to pick from. For eg., they may want to record sugar levels, regular test results, study times, time spent in hobbies, etc.

Rate stress levels

Stress can become a silent killer. Users can rate their work pressure or stress levels on a scale, and check monthly trends on a chart.

Track smoking and drinking habits

Users can record and monitor number of cigarettes or drinks while giving up these habits. They can setup their own recording box for other habits.

Healthbook app
"HealthBook makes it easy to record what's happening each day when faced with long illnesses. It's also a good help while tracking personal habits or forming new and healthy ones."
Amit Sharma
Creator of HealthBook
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