63 Moons-backed TickerPlant introduces crypto super app CryptoWire

Financial content provider TickerPlant has introduced a global crypto super app named CryptoWire. The app will serve as a one-stop solution for all aspects related to these digital assets. It will offer real-time info and news about cryptocurrency courses, prices and data related to crypto. The application will also provide details about blockchain technology, the backbone of the crypto sector. A subsidiary of Chennai-based Financial Technologies Group, now called 63 Moons, TickerPlant promises to provide unbiased and comprehensive info about crypto to its users.

Incorporated in 1998, 63 Moons has been a financial info service provider for over 20 years. It is said that the super app will provide features and services mentioned below:

Crypto TV

It is a 24X7 blockchain and crypto channel broadcast on mobile IPTV and YouTube. Crypto TV will offer an in-depth analysis of global reports, developments and discussions. Besides this, the channel will also offer pieces of info that will help enhance knowledge about blockchain, crypto, asset development and asset digitization.

Crypto University

The Crypto University will offer basic and brief courses and specialized Ph.D. courses on crypto. Some of the courses will be charged while others will be free. The University will also offer courses sourced from global universities like the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


This section of the application will have some useful tools that can direct the users in their financial decisions related to crypto. It will guide users about tools like arbitrage opportunities identification, borrowing and lending rates.

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