A pen drive with crypto worth $22.5 million seized; indicates an international scam

In a heist that appears straight out of the movies, the Greater Manchester police have seized crypto assets valued at $22.5 million from a couple.

The duo is suspected to be a part of an international crypto scam. Police have recovered the assets stored in a pen drive.

Including Ethereum, the seized assets are calculated to be worth $9.5 million. According to a report, the remaining currency was found in an online safe vault.

In a complicated scam, the duo (both in their early 20’s) operated an online trading and savings service using Binance Smart Chain. Unsuspicious customers from Australia, United States, China, Europe and Hong Kong used the website for online trading and investments.

The scamsters shut down the website when a huge amount had been gathered and were trying to escape from the United Kingdom after transferring money to their accounts.

The police stated that $12.7 million more were captured a few days afterward when a “cryptograph safety deposit box” and “the code to access it” were found. In total, crypto worth $22.25 million was seized from the scamsters.

They were arrested on charges of money laundering based on an intelligence tip-off. Police found the pen drive that had the stolen crypto assets during physical frisking.

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