ATHs, regulations, and the oldest wine house of US

Attention drawn to cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be a surprise how regulatory bodies set to get involved in controlling the activities in the crypto market. Regulatory bodies (government) are under heavy pressure to see how to regulate the market, seeing the boom and how coins are reaching a new all-time high, creating new millionaires and billionaires in the world.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy in an interview with CNBC, makes it known that cryptocurrencies will continue to expand with its growing and large community. Talking about regulations, he mentioned, recently the government has been looking for ways to disregard and make cryptocurrencies disappear.  He believes now is the time for the government to take a closer look and change its view on the industry.

As announced on Tuesday, America’s oldest wine shop will accept cryptocurrency as a medium of payment. Acker, the world’s largest, rare and fine wine auction house, established in 1820, will utilize crypto payment processer Bitpay to process cryptocurrency payments. Bitpay will also help to convert received payments into fiat money for Acker.

As mentioned, Bitcoin alongside stated cryptocurrencies, i.e., Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Dogecoin will be accepted and certain stable coins will also be accepted, i.e., cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat currencies, such as US dollar, PAX, Gemini Dollar and BUSD.

“As one of the oldest licensed businesses in America, Acker is proud to accept this novel form of payment as we continue to evolve in our third century as a company”, said Acker Chairman John Kapon.

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