Crypto World Expo 2022 to be held in Warsaw

Cryptos have been a hot topic lately. But there is a huge awareness gap about this space that requires to be bridged. The Crypto World Expo is expected to do that.

It is a recurrent event for today’s crypto and blockchain community. Its 5th summit is going to take place in March 2022 in Poland, Warsaw. The Crypto World Expo agenda covers all the arising and existing concerns in the finance and crypto market, concentrating on innovative solutions that surpass traditional ways.

A major part of the expo is dedicated to Blockchain tech and how it changes particular financial activities, business segments and demands of the clients. The Crypto World Expo endeavors to bring founders, senior-level executives and advisors from promising start-ups, pioneering firms in the industry and supporting institutions along with common crypto lovers together.

The agenda is designed and selected to cover many serious issues associated with payments, blockchain asset management regulations, exchanges, cybersecurity, governance, taxation and many others. The atmosphere of networking and flow of communication is a very important part of any financial event. Therefore, the hosting venue is a renowned and huge conference hall in a Zlote Tarasy shopping center in the heart of Warsaw city.

More than 1400 participants will get the chance to listen and meet leading experts of the crypto community. At the Expo, the participants will attend a 2-days expo and conference over 12 Round Panel discussions with leading representatives. The Conference will be held from 9th to 10th March 2022 from 10 am to 7 pm [local time].


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