Floyd Mayweather Jr, Kim Kardashian charged over EthereumMax crypto scam

Many celebrities including boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, Kim Kardashian, ex NBA All-Star Paul Pierce are being charged over their roles in a so-called crypto scam. As per the class action compliant from the Central District of California, the firm EthereumMax including co-founders and others along with these celebs are being accused of making confusing statements about the firm’s digital tokens.

The complaints read that the executives of the company, collaborating with many celebrity promotors, (a) made confusing and false statements to investors about EthereumMax via social media ads and other promotional activities and (b) camouflaged their control over EthereumMax and an important percent of the EMAX Tokens that were accessible for public trading during the Relevant Period.

EthereumMax offers ERC-20 digital tokens on the Ethereum network. The lawsuit claimed that the celebs told their several followers to buy the coins, only to sell when the price was soaring.

According to a spokesperson who commented on the so-called scam, the misleading narrative linked with the latest allegations is puzzled with misinformation. As per reports, Mayweather, Kardashian and Pierce didn’t simultaneously respond to requests for comment.

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