Google Cloud increases blockchain efforts by introducing a digital assets team

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized technology are all appealing topics that have been heating up for almost ten years. Nowadays, everyone intends to be a part of the latest innovations.

On Thursday, Google Cloud’s vice president of Financial Services, Yolande Piazza said that the company has set up a Google Cloud Assets Team that will aid clients in trading, creating, storing value, and introducing new products on blockchain-based platforms.

The blog highlights blockchain and distributed-ledger-based solutions such as Theta Labs, Hedera, and Dapper Labs as examples of companies that have already implemented Google cloud, adding that the Digital Assets Team will conduct a variety of activities in both the long and near term.

Dedicated node hosting/remote process call (RPC) nodes for node validation, developers, and on-chain governance with some partners and supporting users and developers in hosting their nodes o the ’ cleanest cloud in the industry’ are some of the activities the team will conduct.

The announcement also discloses that, as the new team expands, it will be scrutinizing ways to allow Google Cloud customers to receive and make payments using cryptocurrencies. That is not Google’s first strike into the crypto world. Google Cloud’s parent company, Google, recently hired a PayPal veteran to support the development of Google Pay as it resumes looking towards the future and pursuing crypto.

Author: Diksha Khiatani

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