Google has banned 8 menacing crypto apps

There is a craze about crypto these days and as it is common, hackers and malicious apps are here to take advantage of the current crypto hype. These apps are made to delude innocent users into installing them on their mobile phones.

Google has identified 8 such dangerous apps on the Play Store and removed them. These apps were created to attract unsuspecting and innocent users into installing them on their smartphones. These apps included the common ‘get rich quick’ scheme to entice users into investing money in a ‘cloud mining service’ and gaining profits.

According to a report, in spite of these apps not having any crypto-mining feature or being associated with cloud-mining operations, some of these apps instigated users to pay for enhanced crypto-mining potential through the apps’ in-app billing system that ranges between $14.99 and $18.99.

The report also mentioned that an app named Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System instigated users to increase their crypto mining capacity by ‘purchasing their preferred mining machines to fetch more coins quickly.

As per an analysis by security company Trend Micro, the 8 banned apps forced users to watch advertisements and bear an average monthly fee of $115 (approx. Rs. 1,114). These apps also proposed to users that they could pay for the enhanced mining capability by buying their favorite crypto ‘machines’ in the cloud.

The 8 banned apps are –

BitFunds – Crypto Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining

Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet

Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System

Bitcoin 2021

MineBit Pro – Bitcoin Miner and Crypto Cloud Mining

Ethereum (ETH) – Pool Mining Cloud

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