iDenfy selfie biometrics to enable secure blockchain ecosystem for clinical trails

iDenfy has collaborated with blockchain solutions expert Triall to aid guarantee smooth-running clinical trials with biometric facial verification.

Netherlands-based Triall is in the way of creating the first tokenized ecosystem in the world for more effective operating of clinical trials, supporting a data-integrity concentrated blockchain infrastructure for better interoperability and auditability via isolated parties and systems in Triall’s TRL utility, which is utilized in P2P compensation, payments and governance functions.

iDenfy will offer Triall with know your customer (KYC) verification services, guaranteeing that the firm meets all mandatory anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC compliance requirements using a broad range of global databases and digital identity verification via its ID document checks and selfie biometrics with liveness detection.

Recently iDenfy also declared collaboration with DoFinance to create an ID verification service in order to divert to automated from manual ID document verification using iDenfy’s selfie biometrics and computer vision.

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