Intel has launched Blockscale ASIC for energy-efficient blockchain hashing

Crypto is here to stay, and while it is not good news for the environment, there is no stopping the miningA few tech giants are focusing on solving the issues by developing chips that can facilitate energy-efficient blockchain hashing, and one of them is Intel. 

Intel has established its new Intel Blockchain ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) that promises to deliver energy-efficient hashing for proof-of-work consensus networks. 

Intel’s Blockchain ASIC will deliver proof-of-work algorithms compatible with ASIC-based systems and SHA-256, hashing the computing power and the energy efficiency needed to achieve sustainability and scalability. 

Intel also claims that the nature of the silicon powering this technology will be capable of delivering it in volume without compromising the supply of new CPUs or GPUs. 

The Intel Blockscale ASIC features a dedicated Secure Hash Algorithm-256 (SHA-256) ASIC processor, up to 580 GH/s hash rate functioning and up to 26 J/TH power efficiency, on-chip temperature- and voltage- sensing capabilities, support for up to 256 integrated circuits per chain, and reference hardware design and software stack to kick-start customers system development. 

Intel will begin its shipping process in the third quarter of 2022. Companies like Argo Blockchain, Block Inc., Hive Blockchain Technologies, and GRIID Infrastructure are the first to create new systems based on Intel’s ASIC. 

In 2023 and more, Intel will be working with delivering prospective customers who share the company’s sustainability goals. 


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