Opera is ready to add more blockchains for its Web 3 users!

Opera is preparing to establish a new in-browser crypto wallet support for eight new blockchains in an efficient rollout across its apps and web browsers. 

Blockchains like Polygon, StarkEx, Ronin, Celo, Nervos, IXO, and Bitcoin will come along with Ethereum

In addition, Opera’s desktop crypto browser can now access Polygon and will shortly plug into the rest. All are available on Opera for Android. However, there was no proper timeline on IOS yet. 

Nevertheless, Opera is not the only crypto-oriented browser betting on an explosion in Web 3 users. Brave has also established a similar built-up crypto wallet, with plans to support more blockchains.  

These efforts would give their users more prospects to enhance the level of interaction with different Defi (decentralized finance) ecosystems, including layer 2, or companion, chains. 

Moreover, since 2018, Opera has been building crypto products for its 350 million users (approx). In January, it released a beta version of its specialist “Crypto Browser Project.” 

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