Poly Network: Hackers returned $260 million after the massive crypto heist

On Wednesday, Poly Network, the firm at the center of the hack said that hackers have returned a chunk of the digital loot from a record haul.

The company specializing in transferring crypto posted a tweet mentioning it had received about $4.8 million worth of the stolen asset back, expecting more from the online theft possibly valued at more than $600 million.

Poly Network had published an appeal for the stolen BinanceChain, Ethereum and OxPolygon tokens to be rejected by traders operating wallets for storing crypto.

Referring to decentralized finance involving crypto, Poly Network, in a tweet to thieves said that the amount of money they have hacked is the biggest one in the history of DeFi. The post also said that the money they stole is from several crypto community members.

The return of some of the online heist happened after the cyber “white hat” security experts inspected the robbery and tracked the thieves.

SlowMist, a blockchain system defense firm estimated the Poly Network heist at more than $610 million. The company also posted that it is on the hacker’s trail.

The company said that SlowMist’s security team has seized the hacker’s IP, mailbox and device fingerprints via off-chain and on-chain tracking. The company is tracking possible identity clues related to the Poly Network hacker.


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