Polygon is venturing big on NFTs and gaming

Polygon, the famous Ethereum scaling solution has launched a new dedicated unit named Polygon Studios to concentrate on NFT and the rapidly growing gaming ecosystem. It stated that the new firm would aid ‘bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2 gaming’.

Web 1 is usually considered to be the initial era of the internet when functionality was restricted and websites were static. Web 2 is known to be the present scenario comprising of cloud computing, social networks and streaming. Web 3 is the upcoming suggested era, where transactions and processes are decentralized, the internet is built around semantic markup and AI is at the core.

The segment is yet in its developing stages and there’s a lot of future potential for artists, game developers, streamers and more. This makes it a profitable sector that’s still to be explored completely. Currently, an NFT-based game, Axie Infinity collected over $30 million that too in just a 1-week span.

Developing a brand, like ‘Polygon Studios’ is important as the concept has the ability to be a Stream-like disruptor in the industry. The studio is divided into 2 distinguished sectors – Polygon NFT Studio and Polygon Gaming Studio.

The new entity of Polygon will aid and provide infrastructure for blockchain game developers to entice investors and artists to its NFT ecosystem. To be precise, it includes releasing SDKs for developers, investing in smaller firms, advertising the platform as an accelerator and technological support.

The company claims to presently host over 500 decentralized apps and more than 1 lakh gamers. Also, Polygon (Matic) has been added to Mark Cuban’s portfolio of companies.

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