Tesla reported bitcoin-related impairments of $23 million

On Monday, the popular company Tesla announced that a $23 million bitcoin-related impairment brought about some pull on its quarterly operating income.

The well-renowned firm only mentioned crypto or Bitcoin one time in its second-quarter announcement, after Elon Musk, CEO of the company seesawed on whether the firm would accept the digital currency for vehicle purchases. The topic didn’t come at all at the conference of Tesla with analysts and investors.

Tesla recorded a net profit of $101 million from sales of bitcoin during the first quarter, aiding to increase its net gains to a record high. On Tesla’s statement of operations, that profit shows up as a decrease in operating expenses, proposing that it overturned some of its holdings as bitcoin prices increased that quarter.

Tesla announced a $1.5 billion purchase of bitcoin – more than its entire quarterly R&D budget in February. Based on the rise in bitcoin in the first quarter, the company said that its investment was worth $2.48 billion.

However bitcoin’s value dived more than 40% in the second quarter, so the electric auto company’s holdings value would be much less as compared to the end of the first quarter. The crypto hiked above $63,000 in April and then plunged below $30,000 at the starting of this month.

The company doesn’t consider bitcoin as a marketability asset, implying it only acknowledges an earnings benefit if it sells to secure the profits. Thus, the plunge in the bitcoin’s value should not affect profits until the company has not been deprived of any of its holdings.

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