Tesla starts accepting Dogecoin for its merchandise

It is often proven that tweets from Elon Musk affect the crypto world. The billionaire has tweeted about Dogecoin that Tesla merchandise is now buyable with the Dogecoin. This has sparked great speculation among Dogecoin fans. It was also incorporated as the payment option on the official website of Tesla. Also, the value of the coin surged after the tweet.

As per the website, Dogecoin can be used to buy items like Giga Texas Buckle, Cyberwhistle and Cyberquad for kids. Billy Markus, the co-creator of the coin was amongst the many who tweeted his approval of the stance. Though many users supported the move, a few were dubious about Elon Musk’s intentions behind this sudden stance. While there were many others who just placed an order successfully. In December 2020, Elon Musk already indicated that Tesla would begin accepting Dogecoin.

Author: Diksha Khiatani

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