Twitter is creating a crypto team to introduce crypto solutions and blockchain to its platform

Twitter has always been the hot topic of all discussions around cryptos. It appears that the social media platform understands its importance in the crypto world, as it has now decided to operate on blockchain and crypto solutions for the platform.

The announcement comes through a tweet by an engineer who has joined Twitter to lead its crypto efforts, Tess Rinearson. Instead of particularly working on cryptos, Twitter’s new team will concentrate on the elementary solutions including blockchains and other decentralized technologies.

The initial focus of Twitter’s crypto team would be to search for ways in which Twitter can be used to support the interest of creators in decentralized apps. These apps can be utilized to manage virtual currencies and goods, and eventually, brace their communities and work.

The tweet by Rinearson states that the team will further work with the community to develop solutions around ‘community, identity, ownership and more’. An intriguing proposition is to decentralize Twitter itself, i.e. to host it on a blockchain network instead of servers from other hosts like Amazon Web Services. Twitter ultimately intends to precede the curve via its ‘decentralized’ social media platform.

All of these efforts will be accomplished by the Twitter Crypto team, in partnership with bluesky, a flourishing initiative sponsored by Twitter. Definitely, that will be a long-term goal, if Twitter intends to go that way. As of now, the social media company is anticipated to begin its crypto voyage with an alternative for Bitcoin (or other cryptos) payments or Non-Fungible Tokens sales for developers.

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