Vulcan Forged Game Hacked, $140 Million Crypto Assets Stolen

Over the recent years, hacks targeting crypto-linked platforms have risen drastically. Lately, a cryptocurrency-gaming ecosystem named Vulcan Forged fell prey to a hack attack, losing around Rs. 1,062 crore ($140 million) worth of cryptocurrency assets. Reportedly, hackers got access to the keys of 96 wallets. This enabled them to steal 23.7% of the circulating supply of tokens of the project.

The gaming ecosystem offers players with these cryptocurrency wallets built on Polygon, Ethereum and VeChain blockchain and controls the keys to these wallets. The CEO of Vulcan Forged, Jamie Thomson tweeted a video message on Twitter, acknowledging the contravention and declaring December 13 the ‘darkest day in Vulcan Forged history’.

While revealing that the firm is utilizing its treasury to reimburse the victims of the attack, Thomson said that they use Venly which is a semi-custodial wallet solution. Venly itself is a service that hasn’t been hacked or exploited. He added that someone has hacked their servers, accessed the Venly credentials and utilized them to get the private keys of the Forged users. In the future, they are going to use the decentralized wallet so they never have to face the same problem again.

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