Ethereum 2.0 – A real competitor to Bitcoin

Call it Eth2, Serenity or Ethereum 2.0, this is the long-anticipated upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain. Intended to boost the efficiency, speed and scalability of the Ethereum network, Eth2 will further enable its previous version to tackle hurdles in addition to increasing the count of transactions. Ethereum 2.0 is designed to be launched in three…

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This Week in Crypto (March 7-13)

The latest cryptocurrency news and analysis from the week gone by. The world global reserve asset to hedge against inflation, Bitcoin reaches a new, all-time high (ATH), going above $60,000! Bitcoin’s exact new all-time high is $61,712.00. Cryptocurrency markets are gaining more adoption, exposure, and improvements. Happenings in the market show that the Non-fungible Tokens…