India CBDC e-Rupee

e-Rupee used to buy fruits – watch

The e-Rupee is the CBDC or central bank digital currency of India, to be launched in the near future to keep the threat of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at bay. The retail and wholesale pilots of the CBDC are the most recent stages of the digital rupee that will help test and improve upon the design…

Crypto adoption India

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das: Cryptocurrency is “nothing but gambling”

At an event organized in New Delhi, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das shared his views on cryptocurrencies, their nature and the threat posed to India’s economy. According to him, the perceived value of cryptocurrencies is nothing and is “make-believe”. RB Governor Shaktikanta Das pointed to the fact that there is no underlying value in cryptocurrencies. He…


Hayek’s new money idea, and Bitcoin’s creation: What they can’t stop

Friedrich Hayek was a well-known economist of the Austrian School, and the author of several important works, including ‘Law, Language and Liberty’, a multi-volume edition that carries important ideas on the evolution of social institutions. The basic premise of his ideas is that laws, language, morals, and other such social phenomenon, are natural and spontaneous…

Joe Biden to issue an executive order on crypto this week

According to the administration official aware of the issue, the US administration is about to issue an executive order on crypto this week. On February 18, Yahoo Finance reported that the executive order will direct a wide range of government agencies to study CBDC and crypto and come up with a government-wide strategy to regulate…