Crypto Bill unlikely to be introduced in Budget Session of the Parliament

The Centre may not table the much-awaited crypto regulation bill in the upcoming budget session of the Parliament, many new firms have reported currently. According to the reports, this is because there is a need to have more discussions on it and the government intends to build consensus over the provisions of the upcoming Bill….

Crypto bill restrained from the Parliament

According to reports, India’s hot topic crypto bill, which suggests strict regulations be imposed in the cryptocurrency sector, is not likely to be presented before the Parliament during the winter session after all. Citing sources, a few reports mention that the government is currently gathering information on how other countries are thinking about restricting cryptos….

Paraguay intends to regulate cryptocurrency trading and mining

The publicity around Paraguay emerging as the 2nd country to legalizing Bitcoin has doing rounds since El Salvador announced crypto as legal tender the previous month. But, a leaked draft of the cryptocurrency bill that Paraguayan congressman Carlos Rejala intends to present in the Chamber of Deputies – similar to Lok Sabha in India –…

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Much-awaited crypto bill missing from Monsoon Session of the Parliament

The Centre has listed 23 bills to be presented in the Lok Sabha during the forthcoming Monsoon Session that starts July 19 in the Parliament. As per the tentative list of government legislative and financial business, out of 23, 6 bills have already been tabled whereas 17 will be new. However, the much-anticipated Cryptocurrency Bill…