Crypto Bill unlikely to be introduced in Budget Session of the Parliament

The Centre may not table the much-awaited crypto regulation bill in the upcoming budget session of the Parliament, many new firms have reported currently. According to the reports, this is because there is a need to have more discussions on it and the government intends to build consensus over the provisions of the upcoming Bill….

At virtual Davos meet, PM Narendra Modi calls for global action on cryptocurrency

On Monday, PM Narendra Modi called for synchronized and collective action related to policymaking for blockchain-backed digital currencies. Speaking at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda 2022 virtual event, the PM noted that besides the change for global order, the challenges are also surging, including inflation, supply-chain disruption, climate change and crypto. He said that…

India concludes Parliament’s Winter Session with no crypto bill in sight

The Government of India was criticized severely to introduce new laws for crypto during the Parliament’s Winter Session which started on November 29. The session has concluded and the crypto bill didn’t make it to the table. This is the second time that ‘The Crypto and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021’ was listed…

Crypto bill restrained from the Parliament

According to reports, India’s hot topic crypto bill, which suggests strict regulations be imposed in the cryptocurrency sector, is not likely to be presented before the Parliament during the winter session after all. Citing sources, a few reports mention that the government is currently gathering information on how other countries are thinking about restricting cryptos….

Bitcoin won’t be accepted as currency, says Finance Minister

On Monday, Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister said that the central government has no intention to accept Bitcoin as legal tender in India. Responding to whether the government is aware that Bitcoin transaction is quietly flourishing in the country in recent years, FM said that the Centre doesn’t gather any info on Bitcoin transactions in the…