morning yoga app

Practice the mastery of core strength and flexibility with the Yogo! app in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga helps bring down stress levels

Bend around, stretch, reach to the toes, twist and turn, or lift into the air… moving those joints and muscles around is fun and relaxing.

Pressures of work and life can be alleviated, and the body and mind refreshed with yoga.

The important things are balance, breathing, and focusing attention on each body part as it comes into action. Let messages of relaxation and peace arise and travel across the body.

May the force of Yoga be with you.

The Way of Yoga

According to a study, doing yoga had the immediate effect of lowering stress and cultivating mindfulness:

Yoga intervention is better than fitness exercises in helping… cultivate mindfulness and reduce stress. 

This app follows my daily regimen, where I practice warm-up followed by a series of yoga asanas in the following order: 

Standing -> On the knees -> Sitting ->
Lying supine -> Lying on belly -> On the knees -> Standing

While doing the asana (which means a position that is “steady and comfortable”) it is important to feel relaxed, to be present in the body, and feel positive vibes fill up the body. Many postures are about striking a balance, or alignment. In short, doing yoga instills discipline of the body.

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Yoga App Features

A 30-minute package

For busy professionals and working class people, this is a ready-made, 30 minute yoga package.

Build a healthy habit

Practicing yoga postures regularly forms a healthy fitness habit that can last a lifetime.

Yoga in natural sequence

Beginners of yoga, especially the self-taught ones, may get confused: Which postures to practice and in what order? Yogo! supplies an easy answer.

Over 20 simple poses

All of the yogic postures in this app can be performed at home with easy. No big Sanskrit names either!

Ample time with stills

This app does not just show how to do yoga positions. The videos go into slow motion, and stop at times to give ample time to users to catch up.

YouTube and Library

The app includes YouTube where they can add their favorite videos, and a library of additional and more challenging postures.