Blockmagic is an independent news portal sharing information, events and happenings from the new and exciting fields of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The focus is on India and adoption and use cases of crypto and blockchains across the world.

The website is divided into two broad sections: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains. There is a special section on India. Other content includes events, learning courses and training and useful resources. The site also maintains a special business directory for Indian blockchain and crypto businesses and ventures.

The publication principles governing the publication are as follows:


  1. No trading, speculation or investment advice
    1. Cryptocurrencies are a highly risky and unregulated investing field.
    2. All content on Blockmagic is solely intended for information and education.
    3. News and articles may contain positive or negative views or attitudes. No investment or recommendation is implied in such news, views or articles.
    4. The site may publish or track market movements of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. These are not meant to be investment related advice or suggestion in any way.
  2. Adverts and promotions
    1. Press releases and event notes from private companies are published in the press release and Events sections respectively.
    2. Advertisements are displayed from third-parties based on Google Adsense, and are not to be considered as endorsements or investment advice.
    3. Any sponsorship or promoted content will be marked explicitly as promoted content in the article.
    4. Only mainstream and popular cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ether) are reported and tracked. No new token projects, penny tokens, ICOs, investing schemes, new business ideas, or pure crypto ventures are either reported on or promoted.
  3. Neutrality
    1. Blockmagic is an independent news portal and not affiliated with any other entity.
    2. The website does not publicly or professionally endorse or promote cryptocurrencies or their usage, but only publishes news and information for public knowledge and consumption.
    3. Both pro- and anti-crypto views and critical opinions are published to maintain a neutral stand.
    4. Notwithstanding the above, the evolution of money or payment systems through blockchain is among the major changes that will reshape the course of human history in the next century. Hence this website has been founded.
  4. News sources, objectivity and truth
    1. News and articles are compiled from various sources: mainstream media, social media, official sources and websites, press kits, online or personal interaction with sources, etc.
    2. Any human errors or inadvertent mistakes or bias beyond the ordinary course of nature, if found or reported, will be corrected or addressed.
    3. The final decision on published content rests with the editorial team.