Blockchain requires ‘MP3’ Music Moment to triumph over markets, say experts

According to industry experts, blockchain requires its own music industry ‘MP3’ moment as fragmented regulation and technology hinder the development of a digital securities industry that could aid realize its full potential. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or blockchain support cryptoassets such as bitcoin and enables several parties to access a single version of data simultaneously….

Prime Minister Narendra Modi warns ‘young’ crypto users in India

On Thursday, in his first public comments on cryptos, PM Modi cautioned that bitcoin presents a risk to younger generations as his government gets ready to introduce legislation to regulate digital currencies. The PM’s warning comes days after he had discussions on how to step ahead regarding crypto in India, with problems raised on unregulated…

Government may ban the use of cryptocurrency for transactions

India is thinking of not likely going ahead with cryptocurrency, for doing transactions or making payments. However, one can invest in cryptocurrency and held them like assets, the same way how people do investments in gold, shares and bonds. As per the reports, Indian government authorities may still not put a complete ban on crypto….