Tax on crypto

India – the 30% tax is too much

The crypto space like other derivatives markets is faced with volatility. Great development has been made as regard decentralized finance (Defi); crypto savvy individuals can earn passively. With massive trends on cross-chain transactions, liquidity mining, governance token, integration of traditional finance (TradFi) into Defi, among others, the crypto space shows more reason while banning isn’t…

crypto adoption world

WEB 3.0 – Features, promises and critics

The birth of the internet can be traced down to Berners-Lee, a computer scientist at European researcher CERN. He was able to lay down the foundation of the web with three fundamental technologies and the first web page editor/browser was introduced – (“”): HTML: HyperText Markup Language, the markup or formatting language of the Web;…


Crypto in October Report: Shiba Inu, Meta and China

The Chinese government is finding its way through regulation to control the activities in the cryptocurrency market.  On Friday, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi has ended futures and derivative trading in mainland China as planned. According to previous announcements, Huobi, China’s largest exchange, will today completely shut down futures, contracts, and other derivatives…