As Ethereum Approaches Merge, Staking Weights Come into Focus

The approaching merge of Ethereum’s mainnet with the currently running in parallel Beacon chain will bring into focus the biggest question – who controls how much of the staking amounts, and thereby, the rewards to be won by adding new blocks.

Twitter user Messari shared a graphic that shows the current staking percentage, and it can be seen that Lido is currently the largest stakeholder of mining on the Beacon chain. The data for this visual comes from Dune Analytics.

Here are the percentage figures of actual stakes. As can be seen, there are 3 major crypt exchanges too in the list. Bitcoin Suisse is Switzerland based crypto-financial service provider.

@Lido:  controls 31.2% 
@Coinbase:  (14.7%)
Lido is a staking and pooling organization that allows users to stake crypto on various networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Polkadot and others. According to its website, the total stakes on Ethereum stand at $6,765,410,229, that’s over $6 billion.
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