A goat’s mhuhoon dream: Akon’s Bitcoin city still a grazing ground

A BBC report recently highlighted the stalled state of Akon’s dream – a $6 billion worth Bitcoin city in his native country of Senegal. Though even a single stone is yet to be placed, Akon still believes in the project and has come out with more promises and plans. He has however re-assured that those who bought the Token of Appreciation, the early investors, will be re-imbursed even if he has to go do a world tour.

While the old sketch of the city – compared to the fictional Wakanda – had numerous towers, a new drawing released has just one tall skyscraper. The city was supposed to host a number of districts devoted to business, education, technology, entertainment, etc., where futuristic design met African culture.  The amenities included residences, chalets and resorts, and restaurants, schools, and an African village like culture that will attract tourism from the world over. Here Akon plans to retire, and live like a king.


The concept of the Bitcoin city is unique. Everyone has heard of land reclaiming the sea or extending into the waters. How about the sea extending onto land? The design and architecture of the city is like water splashing across buildings.

Says the official website: “AKONCITY is an extension of the sea into the land with waves diving deep into the roots of each building, making it dance on the music of AKON to celebrate the rise of AKONCITY reflecting nothing but happiness bringing no less than success.”

The locals in Senegal – an African city on the western most end, were earlier eagerly awaiting the construction to begin, and looked forward to working there. Now they expect their children to get an opportunity if ever the city work begins, or maybe they themselves could still, just in case they are still around.

Akon’s plans were approved by the current President, and there is said to be a new team of developers involved who know Africa well.

As for cryptocurrency, there could be regulatory hurdles involved as approvals for using Bitcoin aren’t in place with the concerned authorities. Akon has created the Akoin crypto on the Stellar blockchain.

Akon says he didn’t plan well, and then there was the Covid pandemic in 2020. The city was however launched in the middle of the pandemic.

Not a smart move, though the city will be a smart city – “Smart cities use a combination of the internet of things (IoT) devices, software solutions, user interfaces (UI), and communication networks.”

The next plan is to work on Stage 1 and complete it by end of 2023. If that doesn’t fructify, will Akon go on a world tour to refund the Tokens of Appreciation?




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