A Majority of US Voters Want More Crypto Regulation, Poll Shows

Poll results indicate that more voters want to see lawmakers treat cryptocurrency as a “serious and valid part of the economy” than as a “mechanism for fraud” and other crimes.

The cryptocurrency business may be concerned about future laws and increasing restrictions, but according to a new poll issued on Wednesday, most people think lawmakers should increase the level of control of the industry.

In an October nationwide poll, the Crypto Council for Innovation surveyed 1,200 voters, and the results showed that 52% of them wanted the business to be more regulated, while only 7% thought it should be less controlled. The remaining 41% of respondents were evenly split between those who did not have an opinion and those who believed the industry was currently appropriately controlled.

The majority of voters (58%) want politicians to give market stability and fraud detection top priority when crafting crypto rules.

Former senator Cory Gardner (R-Colorado), who now acts as the chief political strategist for the Crypto Council for Innovation, told CoinDesk that the survey results show that people are beginning to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies.

They want laws to bring clarity and uniformity to the sector so that the promise can be realized since they are aware of what is already there, according to Gardner. “We need a legal structure in place, as well as safety, soundness, and clarity in the rules. It’s encouraging to know that the majority of individuals in this nation hold the same views.

Unknown is how many of those voters will actually cast ballots in the next midterm elections. Companies involved in the cryptocurrency industry, such as Coinbase and the venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), have spent millions lobbying Congress, raising money for candidates who support the industry, and urging cryptocurrency owners to cast their votes accordingly.

According to a survey by the Crypto Council for Innovation, 13% of respondents are cryptocurrency owners. Only one percent of respondents claimed to have non-fungible tokens (NFT).

According to poll findings, most voters are not likely to base their decisions primarily on cryptocurrency. Only 6% of respondents overall stated that they would be “much more likely” to support a politician who supports cryptocurrency. 39% of respondents said they would be “slightly less likely” or “much less likely” to support a candidate who is pro-crypto. The majority (42%) claimed that it would have no impact on their decision.

Nearly 60% of cryptocurrency owners indicated they were at least slightly more inclined to support a politician who was pro-crypto, but more than a third said it wouldn’t affect their choice.

The American people, according to Gardner, “sense opportunity.” “[Crypto] will continue to be a factor. In the upcoming elections, candidates may make a difference by reaching out to those who are interested in cryptocurrencies because they will vote for someone who shares their opinions on the subject.”

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