Day To Day becomes the first hypermarket in UAE to allow crypto payments

Day To Day Hypermarket, an esteemed discount mart in the United Arab Emirates, has initiated a new alternative payment mode with cryptocurrencies, which is the next step into the future of crypto.

What is the prominent feature of this stance?

The highlight of this stance by Day To Day Hypermarket is that the payment mode shall be allowed for both online shopping websites as well as physical branches. Moreover, most of the crypto types shall be accepted for the payment process.

How can one make a payment in cryptocurrency?

The payment process in this scenario will need your mobile phone. For in-store payments, the process includes a POS machine set up in the store that will make the transaction happen. For online shipping payments, just click on the option of the crypto payments, a link offered by the website will encourage the payment there, in both situations the payment can be made easily, simultaneously.

What will be the effect of this stance in the UAE?

With this current move by Day To Day Hypermarket, the discount mart has set a milestone for other retailers in the UAE, that will not just serve the citizens of the UAE but also the ex-pats.

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