Korea’s Medium offers free enterprise blockchain to global businesses

Medium (not to be confused with the blogging platform) has come out with a free enterprise-grade blockchain offering, where global businesses can build their apps without worrying about the cost. Medium is hoping to stimulate more and more users of blockchain in the market by making it the service free.

The MDL blockchain offers a high speed of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS). It’s a commercial blockchain with a managing console, and has been certified for over 14K TPS. Medium has an MoU with China’s PeerSafe, a blockchain venture.

On MDL users can get a number of advantages. As per the press release, the service comes as installer software and takes around 10 minutes for installation. The console allows managing the monitoring the blockchain processes and computing resources. The nodes on the network can be extended as needed. The workload distribution response is strong, and DAPP link and deployment are good.

South Korea is at the forefront of the crypto revolution for several reasons – the popularity of gaming micropayments, and economic and political issues. Its young population has adopted bitcoin and other digital currencies, making it rank third behind Japan and the US. Retail stores and services accept btc across the country. In 2017, adoption reached a high with more than a third of workers investing in crypto as per a report published in Quartz. In 2020, the country cleared a law to legalize and regulate cryptocurrencies and platforms. Korea has launched its own official cryptocurrency called the S-coin.

For more information on South Korea and its crypto adoption: https://www.investopedia.com/news/why-cryptocurrency-trading-popular-south-korea-0/

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