Maharashtra issues verifiable diplomas on Polygon

MSBSD (Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development) has issued around 100,000 verifiable digital diplomas anchored on the Polygon blockchain using the LegitDoc platform.

What does the project aim to do?

According to co-founder of LegitDoc, Neil Martis, the project targets to digitize transcripts and diplomas that are manually issued to around 100,000 students yearly by MSBSD. This was done by making tamper-evident digital diploma PDFs anchored on Polygon Blockchain.

Who created the project?

The project was created by the collaborative efforts of the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSINS) and MSBSD enabled by LegitDoc. It is a blockchain-based system for verifying and issuing digital documents.

How do these blockchain-based certificates differ from common certificates?

As per Martis, Blockchain anchored diplomas offer the highest degree of privacy, data security, transparency, and cost reductions compared to common online certificates.

Why the switch?

Notably, the board earlier didn’t have the facility to issue online diplomas. This is the first attempt to digitize the certificates by the board. As per Martis, however, rather than switching to traditional centralized digital methods, the board has decided to leap-frog straightaway to on-chain-based digital certificates.

Shed some more light

He added that previously, MSBSD used to just issue hardcopy diploma certificates and mark sheets. Issuing hardcopy certificates to students typically required the involvement of around 1000 personnel across its chain of training departments and institutes, which usually requires about a month.

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