Blockchain firm Minddeft Technologies acquired

The Ahmedabad-based blockchain services firm Minddeft has been acquired by Dev Information and Technology. Minddeft focuses on decentralized technologies and apps, and was set up in 2015 by co-founders Krunal Soni and Manoj Dhanak. The company has offices in the UK and USA as well.

Dev Information and Technology recently came in media attention when high-networth individual Samip Adani bought 60,000 shares of the firm in a block deal in November. As per media reports, it has a total net worth of Rs 135 crore, and in the last quarter in September had logged in revenues of Rs 27.15 crore. Among its stakeholders are DevX, which offers managed office spaces in Gujarat.

Minddeft carries expertise in a wide range of blockchain related technologies, including Hyper Ledger, smart contracts, Ethereum, enterprise portals, cryptocurrency wallets, and machine learning

Dev Information and Technology has in the past collaborated with the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM), Orena Solutions and some Microsoft Partners in Asia Pacific region.

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