Accuweather joins hands with API3 to offer blockchain-powered weather info

Accuweather, the American media firm that offers commercial weather forecasts, declared it is binding weather info to blockchain technology by hosting an API3 Airnode. The firm disclosed that it is joining hands with blockchain oracle provider API3 and Web API operators will be able to access Accuweather’s onchain weather info.

Accuweather Exec deduces blockchain weather info can make ‘lasting impacts via a range of industries’. As per the firm, the company is hosting its API3 oracle node to offer a ‘seamless Web3 wrapper that allows Web API providers to provide Accuweather’s world-class info directly on-chain.’ The service will offer decentralized application (DApp) operators the ability to access weather info through the API3 Airnode infrastructure. Both API3 and Accuweather suspect that the joint effort will enable people with precise warnings and predictions related to storms.

Accuweather collaborated with Chainlink the previous year, API3 co-founder believes there’s a great need for reliable blockchain-powered weather info. Weather info and blockchain concepts have been around for years not and the company disclosed the previous year it had collaborated with Chainlink to offer weather info and insights onchain.

Author: Diksha Khiatani

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